Target: 65+

As said by Kat Holmes, “Inclusive Design is designing a range of ways for people to participate an experience . It allows all to have a sense of belonging and it starts with looking at those most excluded.” (Holmes, 2020) For this project, I investigated one of the most excluded groups in technological advances, the over 65s. With the subject being to enhance their experience with the SuperValu online shopping app.


When given this project and my designated interviewee, I was expecting a low abled elder, with extreme sight and hearing loss, which would have made the aim of the project that much clearer. However, these were misconceptions. After questioning more elders it was clear that what is different is their take on technology and their thinking process around it. Not all elders have learnt the lingo of apps or the internet. How can we expect the usual apps designed for the average user, to be a delightful experience for them, when they are not the average user? Not many pathways have been designed for them to enter the online world. Informative, transparent onboarding can help to combat this issue.